Monday, November 1, 2010

Symmetrically snoozing cats at Wat Benchamabophit

Symmetrically snoozing cats in the heat of lunchtime at Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple) in Bangkok.

And a close up:

Thai Connoisseur

Cat Breeds Originating in Thailand: Siamese, Burmese, Thai, Korat, Khao Manee


  1. It is a bit quiet here. I wonder if you have given up blogging. I have secretly been reading this blog for quite a while.

  2. Thanks Talen, I love the way cats and dogs seem to coexist relatively peacefully in Wats.

    Oneditorial: Thanks for reading my blog, albeit secretly. You are right, it is a bit quiet. The latter months of 2010 threw up some personal challenges which required considerable travel and time commitments going back and forth between Belgium and UK. 2011 has been a period of much more pleasurable travel in my beloved Thailand and this has generated ideas for a number of blog posts which I will post in coming days/weeks. Pictures need to be uploaded and sorted first and then the posts will resume. Hope you can stay tuned. Cheers!

  3. Very yin and yangish :) I'd love cats and dogs too...although not wat dogs, not anymore. I think they smell my fear.

  4. Hi Snap, thanks for visiting this old post. Wat dogs, in my experience, tend to be too busy dozing to bother me, but I did have one growler at one of the more obscure Chiang Mai temples earlier this year. Carry one of those little squeezable plastic lemon juice containers and a shot between the eyes will have them scurrying off. No harm to the dog, except for loosing face with his canine compatriots ;-)


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