Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bangkok skyscrapers

I have always been a fan of tall buildings. I have been lucky enough to have seen, up close and personal,  the wonderful skylines of Manhattan, Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore, which are among my favorite 'skyline cities' of the world. Hong Kong, and some of the up and coming cities of mainland China, would also be on that list, but I have only seen fascinating pictures and have not had the opportunity to visit.  

Thailand, Bangkok, Lad Phrao, monsoon clouds moving over office buildings

How about Bangkok? Well, I hope I do not offend anyone by saying the skyline is not in the same league as the aforementioned cities, but, nonetheless, I always get a great thrill when I take a taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport and see the  tall buildings, even the ugly ones, come into view on the horizon. I know I am 'home'. There are some attractive skyscrapers (some may be called tall buildings rather than skyscrapers) dotted around the city.   My problem, when walking around the city, has always been my inability to identify by name the tall buildings I see.  The Baiyoke Sky Tower is  about the only building I have always been able to identify straight away. I came across this website called, appropriately enough, Bangkok Skyscrapers . It lists and photographs all the major tall buildings, with, in part, information such as height, number of floors, and ranking in terms of height. 

On my frequent walks around Lumpini Park I have often admired this building but did not know what it was  called.


 Now I know it is Q-House Lumpini, a luxury office building.

 On some of the entries, crucial information is left out and no deeper information about the building other than the photo and standard statistics are provided, but for a general overview of Bangkok buildings this is a useful reference.

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  1. Fabulous. I had no idea such a site existed. I've always wondered about the architecture of Bangkok. I picked up a coffee table book on the subject - Bangkok by Design - for about 300 baht (a steal) but I want to know more.

    Bangkok Skyscraper might not have a great deal of information, but just knowing the names will be a start.

  2. Hi Catherine, welcome and thanks for stopping by. I am glad this was of some use to you. The architecture of Bangkok, both modern and old, is a fascinating subject. There are some exciting looking projects underway in Bangkok at the moment, but lets hope the little old shop houses of Chinatown and other interesting gems of an older Bangkok, survive the modernization.



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