Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your own Bangkok City Guide

A couple of days ago I read an article on TechCrunch about a newly released social travel planner described as a 'Killer domain for a Social Planner With Some Potential'.

As it says on their website:

  Of course, there are lots of websites and applications one can use to find out what to do when visiting a city, but admittedly makes things very easy and quite fun for the 50 cities it currently features on the site.
All you need to is enter your destination city, e.g. Brussels, and up pops a list of activites, like museums you can visit or restaurants where you can get some decent food.
At the tap of a button, you can get a downloadable guide (PDF) of activities and venues along with a map, photos, addresses, opening hours and more. You can also customize those guides with items you select from a pre-populated list of venues, hotels, restaurants and attractions, and share your personalized guide with the world via, Facebook and Twitter.
Likewise, you can discover custom guides for cities that other people have created before you. also handily integrates content from a range of travel information providers: TripAdvisor for ratings and reviews, and TopTable and OpenTable for easy restaurant reservations, just to name a few.
The startup promises much more is coming now that the service has launched in public beta form; on the roadmap we find user-added venues and places, third-party sharing widgets, full mobile integration, geo-location features, video guides and more. promises the site will remain ad-free as the site grows in terms of functionality; the money it makes from hotel bookings from the main website should be enough to build a business, they reckon.
 Bangkok is one of the included cities. It looks good and I plan to use it. Let me know if you find this a helpful tool.
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